Core Value


It is our objective to ensure that we:


  • Adhere to high ethical standards and transparency in the conduct of our business
  • Take ownership of our actions
  • Give top most priority to Company’s image and integrity as a legal entity
  • Do not allow our directors or employees to be placed in a situation of Conflict of interest


  • Encourage and promote open communication and free enterprise
  • Give attention to the health, safety and well being of our employees and provide a safe and secure environment
  • Inculcate team work and sharing

Quality, Compliance and Business Excellence

  • Strive to bring excellence within  our  performances and scope of work while observing all applicable laws
  • Never trespass or deviate from our approved operational and financial systems
  • Concentrate fully  on  maximizing  shareholders’  returns through good governance and through proper application of all management functions


Saif Power limited has a Combined Cycle Thermal Power Plant with a gross capacity of 225 MWs. Complex consists of 2 Gas Turbines and 1 Steam Turbine along with heat recovery steam generators. Gas Turbines are 6 FA Model from General Electric, France while Steam Turbine Model 900 is from Siemens, Sweden.

With GE’s Gas Turbines and Siemens Steam Turbine, the Combined Cycle Thermal Power Plant of Saif Power limited is one of the Most Fuel Efficient Plants in the world in the category of 200-225 MW.

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