Associated Companies



S.No Name of the entity Web link
1 Akbar Kare Institute
2 AS Mining (Pvt) Limited
3 Elite Estates (Private) Limited
4 Frontier Dairy Company (Pvt) Limited
5 Jnox (Pvt) Limited
6 JSK Enterprises (Pvt) Limited
7 JSK Feeds Limited
8 JSK Holdings (Pvt) Limited
9 Kohat Textile Mills Limited
10 Kulsum Sugar Mills (Pvt) Limited
11 Lahore Compost (Pvt) Limited
12 Mediterranean Textile Company, Egypt
13 QSR Brands (Pvt) Limited
14 Saif Cement (Pvt) Limited
15 Saif Energy Limited
16 Saif Health Care Limited
17 Saif Holdings Limited
18 Saif Publishing (Pvt) Limited
19 Saif Textile Mills Limited
20 Skyelectric (Pvt) Limited
21 Skyelectric Technologies (Pvt) Limited
22 Softech Systems (Pvt) Limited
23 Wadaan Foundation